When Your Life is on the Line

Ambulance Fleet

EASI has always been on the cutting edge of emergency medical technology. All of our ambulances are staffed well in excess of the requirements of the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

Our technology includes the pre-hospital use of:

  • 12 lead EKGs with field transmission capabilities
  • AWIN radios
  • ZOLL X Series monitors/defibrillators
  • Many medications not mandated by the ADH
  • Intraosseous cannulation when necessary

EASI currently has 17 ambulances licensed at the paramedic level to operate in Jefferson County. Our total fleet for our service area is 25 paramedic-level units. Our substantial fleet also enables us to perform required maintenance and repairs and staff special events.

All of our ambulances are certified by the Arkansas Department of Health at the Paramedic level and are equipped well in excess of ADH guidelines. Staffed by only the finest Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), you are always in good hands with EASI.

First Response and Rescue

We have 2 extrication vehicles staffed around the clock:

  • EASI’s rescue unit is equipped with the Jaws of Life, generators, emergency lighting, winches, a chain saw, a metal-cutting “quickie” saw, hydraulic tools, assorted hand tools, and much more.
  • Our first response unit is equipped with basic life support supplies, an automated external defibrillator (AED), oxygen, the Jaws of Life, and a winch. This unit is staffed 24 hours a day by one of our highly trained EMTs and is dispatched to all motor vehicle accidents that require extrication, as well as any other calls as needed.

We also have a John Deere Gator utility vehicle equipped with a stretcher and medical supplies for use at festivals, sporting events, and off-road rescue and recovery.

Communications Center

EASI is a member of the Arkansas Trauma System. Our communications center is staffed around the clock by certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers. Through the application of pre-arrival instructions, our dispatchers are trained to help the caller provide life-saving first aid to the patient while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. Our system status management dispatch process allows us to take into account historical data, current events, and current conditions to adequately staff our city.

Mutual Aid

EASI maintains mutual aid agreements with all neighboring services, including ground and air services when needed. When a disaster occurs in Southeast Arkansas, EASI is there to provide resources and incident command.

We support the Pine Bluff Fire Department’s first responder operations by providing standby coverage at training and major fires. At no cost to the city, we replace supplies used by the fire department and pay their Medical Director fees.